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weekly lawn maintenance

We are happy to take care of your mowing needs. Our maintenance staff will take care of your property as if it were their own.

We use only the best mowers and trimmers on the market to ensure your property looks its best. We sharpen our blades daily so you have a fresh, clean cut every time.

In addition, we alternate directions of cut each time in a variety of patterns to minimize rutting in the yard from tire tracks as well as to add aesthetic appeal.

We also tailor the height of your cut based on weather and feasibility of maintenance so your property will look superb from week to week.

Of course, trimming is standard every week and edging will be done monthly on appropriate areas to keep a nice, manicured look.

Our staff is timely and reliable. You can expect the crew to be there on the same day each week at generally the same time - you can count on us!

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