"As a homeowner in the Windshire neighborhood, I wanted to pass along my compliments to your landscaping crew. I typically walk the neighborhood in the mornings and today I encountered about five employees. They were incredibly respectful, stopping the equipment as I approached and not starting up again until I was well past them. And the work they do is quality, making our neighborhood look beautiful and well maintained.
In a world where complaints are numerous, I thought you should know that this homeowner is grateful for the work you and your team are doing. Thank you!"


Windshire Park

"Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how pleased our HOA is with the job that Shannon is doing. He is one hard and dedicated worker, and genuinely concerned with getting the job done right. Cheers!"

Diggs Brown

President- Courtyards and Cottages at Miramont HOA

"Called this morning about a leaking sprinkler head on HOA property adjoining our house... Your folks could not have been more responsive! Call back was immediate and your tech, Jesse was here in 20 minutes. He couldn’t have been more pleasant and did the fix perfectly! Thank you for the great service you deliver to our HOA. Nice work!"


Lindenmier Lake

"I would like to take the opportunity to put into writing what I personally have thought, and what my Board of Directors has expressed over the years, but what may not had made its way to your attention.  It has been a real pleasure to work with Brad and the FLM crew at PVSHOA during the years I have managed this property! 
It is difficult to convey just how much Brad has done to make the maintenance at this property a success..."

Frances Linderman

Community Association Manager- Foster Management

"Hey guys! Thank you for hard work during this storm! I was impressed with the size of the crews here and the amount of hours they put in so no complaints from us at all! "

Aaron Lewis

Outpost Fort Collins

"Can’t say enough on how smooth the last two years have been . You guys are doing great work and we much appreciate your support. It’s been a pleasure working with all of you,"

Dave Herbert

Banner Health Systems 

"I just gotta say...that guy that snow plows for us--- he's an artist. The way he moves that big crew cab with the plow in front around---it's a ballet. Hey-I appreciate anybody that does a good job & takes pride in their work. He deserves a six pack & a hat tip"

Oakbrook Resident


"You guys are the best!! You did a great job on our property.  What a relief to have someone to rely on.”
Terry Ann Ehrlich
Owner- Goddard School

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the wonderful job that is being done with the snow removal. They have been plowing almost nonstop since about 7 or 8 last night...not sure of the time.  They even had the sidewalks shoveled by 10 or so….I hope you pass my remarks to the people at FLM.  Everyone is doing a great job, and I am grateful for their hard work.”
West Point Condos Resident

“Shane, I just wanted to tell you and your team thanks for taking care of our lot. We were able to open on time this morning. I’m sure it was a crazy weekend for you all. You all did a great job!
Thank you!”

Lance Dismang
Owner- Christian Brothers

“I want to thank the crew this morning for their above & beyond response to help me get to a doctor appointment this morning. As they were clearing the snow, one of the crew motioned the bobcat operators to clear my driveway when I waved my injured hand and told him of my appointment. A huge and much appreciated thank you!”
Dakota Pines Resident

“Work crew is great. Almost done here. Best crew in skid steers I have experienced. Very efficient.”
Amended Windsong

“Thanks for the cleared driveway exit! Looks GREAT! Grateful for you and Team!
Please forward our appreciation for the EXCELLENT snow removal job by Foothills Landscaping Management and Team!
Hooray for these hard workers! The weather was still nasty, yet the crew was very positive despite the harsh weather!
We snapped a few photos with proof positive that there ARE good workers who want to make a difference for GOOD! HOORAY!!!
We are grateful for their EXCELLENT SERVICE!”

Hob & Beth
Rigden Farm TH

“Yaaaaayyyyyy! I agree with Hob and Beth. The crew did an amazing job! They even maneuvered around an SUV I had asked to park elsewhere but didn’t (didn’t get my note.) In the three winters I have been here this is the best snow removal job I have seen. Please pass on my comments and thanks to these workers.”
Rigden Farm TH

 “Hi Josh!!!  You guys are incredible!!! On behalf of the Board and homeowners...THANK YOU to your entire team for working tirelessly through this storm!!” “I knew you had it covered just wanted to double check, thank you again, you all our literally the unsung heroes of these storms along with the tree companies.”
Sheila Powers
Property Manager- Sherwood Shores East
I just want to comment on Josh and Sean - and teams. Been a trying snowstorm for sure!  I've had 200+ emails and calls from short sighted people complaining - plus a few that were justified. Sean and Josh did an outstanding job considering what they were up against. Is it done yet? Nope. But we're getting close.  Still a few fires to put out here and there but I wanted to tell you that as my English Teacher once said:    "They dun good!" When I called them with issues, missed spots, whatever, they simply jumped on it.

Dan Helmboldt- Property Manager

“Hi Scott,
We at Vintage Villas would like to thank you and your crew for the great job they did in clearing the snow from our sidewalks and driveways. Just wish that the City of Evans could clear the streets was well as your crew did. Looking forward to working with you this Summer. Only 1 month before the irrigation is turned on. Again, THANKS”

President- Vintage Villas

“Scott, also on behalf of the Vintage Villas board and myself personally, I am so very grateful for the crew that shoveled yesterday.  They did a wonderful job!  Please pass along our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to them.”
Vintage Villas

“Hi Scott,
A little note to let you know, that I am so very grateful for the quick and wonderful job the employees of FLM have done with removing yesterdays heavy snow off my driveway and sidewalk 😊.”

The Lakes Patio Homes

“I would like to thank you and your team, please pass this along! They did a great job and we really appreciate it. I’m sure they worked long hard hours, thank you for your time.”
Kerrie Harden
Executive Director- Brookdale Greeley

“Hello FLM Snow Crew!
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your work during the snowstorm this weekend. When I am snug & warm in bed & hear you out there in the storm, I pray for you & say thank you for you. I am sure you get more complaints than praise—because people only speak up when they want to complain. But know that I am always thankful for you. I am on the West Point Condo board & I always defend you when someone wants to complain. Please keep up the good work & know that you are appreciated!”

West Point Condos

“FLM showed up yesterday afternoon with a three man crew.  These guys were super nice and interested in cleaning the tree debris from the neighborhood.  They thought it might take a couple of days to get everything removed that was 10 feet or less high.  I drove thru Pike Cir N this morning and they had removed everything they could.  What a crew!  There is one huge branch that is touching two patio homes that an arborist company will have to remove so as not to damage the houses.  Thanks Claudia and thanks to Josh, his crew and FLM.”
Dakota Pines


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